Friday, April 11, 2008

Introduction - so who is this guy and what's he talking about?


Well this is the first break I got from my current project so I thought I'd give the blog a go.
First things first, so let me present myself.

My name is Guilherme Bertini Boettcher and I'm currently a .NET Developer for Stefanini, allocated to Dell. I have a BS background and I've been involved in research for most of my professional life. My fields of work range from IT to information retrieval and information visualization. I am the maker of Many Eyes' Tag Cloud along with Matthew McKeon, who was my mentor during that project. I also created an IM History visualization, Ambhis, which uses information present in MSN history files to create an abstract self portrait of the user.

I'm currently working on Invoicing solutions for Dell using VB and .NET. My favorite programming languages are C# and Java and I'm currently pursuing certifications on those.

Now for this space.
This blog is designed to bring to you, fellow reader, information about my projects and whatever technology news I find interesting and have an urge to share.

So, lets all hope for the best and remember feedback is never too much, so please let me know what's on your mind.
Regards all!


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