Wednesday, July 2, 2008


This is a very short post I decided to write so that I can apologize to you, fellow reader.
In no way this is a justification for such a long hiatus between posts, it’s simply an informative post, so that you have an idea of the reasons.
First of all, my project at Dell has been taking all of my time lately with very few exceptions, which I’ve been using to catch up with my sleeping. Things have gotten complicated and let’s just say I’m hoping for a fast solution that will give my team and me some time to organize our thoughts and goals.
Second, because of my lack of spare time, I haven’t got the chance to play with VS2008, but I am writing a visualization project so that I can test the new framework features. There’s not much of it ready for implementation, but I’m inclined to build something related either to conversations through MSN Messenger and/or e-mails (special thanks for the class of 2007 for the relentless mails about soccer games, barbecues, lemons, etc...) or something related to my sports injuries – I’d like to take this moment to mention Tim and his visualization of injuries "Where does it hurt?" posted at his blog, which has inspired me to build something on the same sense.
So, I hope you guys can find it in your hearts to forgive me for the absent and please give me an input as to which of the visualizations would be more interesting.

Thank you.


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Betão said...

Hi Guilherme,

I will accept your appologies if, and only if, you continue keep writing articles on your blog and share them across the Microsoft Community!

Thanks for the great job!