Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Watch over me

Recently I've taken a big blow in my personal life, but since this blog has absolutely nothing to do with personal lives, I'll live to this: MOTIVATION!
Nothing better for regrouping yourself than filling your day-to-day with structure, and when it comes to structure, the strictest, the better.
This brings us to Nathan's brand new mashup project: your.flowingdata. Far from being a unique idea, this project has a unique approach to it. Take Twitter, an already widely promoted, widely know and widely over-used web tool (I mean, even cell phones have been made so that it makes it easier to Twitter - it's changed the verb's meaning for crying out loud, you can't get any more know than that!) and mash it up with this very fresh project and you got yourself your very own watchman.
They way it works is you send private messages to a specific Twitter user with the correct keywords for the action your willing to report and it gets parsed into your very own activities log. Currently, actions being watched for are eating habits, entertainment, feelings, weight, sleeping habits, smoking and even bowel movements.
I've started watching over me today and as soon as it gets interestingly filled up, I'll be posting some statistics here - at least the not so personal ones!
The engine is still freezing a couple times since Twitters Whitelisting is not working as expected, but the results are in deed extremely refreshing.
I certainly hope this helps me get back on track...

Let me know what you think!

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