Thursday, December 25, 2008

Have yourself a merry little Christmas...

Happy hollydays everyone!
For this special ocasion, I've separated one of the most intuitive, yet, completelly original visualizations I've seen in the past few months, and here is the kick: IT WAS MADE BY FELLOW BRAZILIANS!
Angela Detonico and Rafael Lain, both brazilian, made this simple and wonderful "The World, justified" visualization. As a form of art, many interpretations, both philosophical, political and geographical can be made, yet since this is a very clever puzzle, I'll leave the thoughs run freely in your mind and limit my comments to:
Centralized Earth reminds me a little of Africa or a reflected South America. Given that thous are the most exploited continents of history, it's a bit strange that the concentrated land would that this specific form.
Wonderful job guys, and since we're all Brazilians here: Parabéns galera! Trabalho sensacional e palmas!!!

Seen on Strange Maps - Original:


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