Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Football Data Gathering

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette posted an article on inclusion of sensors in footballs and gloves being done by the students at Carnegie Mellon University. The project is to input sensors & accelerometers in football gears so that data can be derived and transmitted wirelessly, so that further analysis can be made. Obviously, the first implication would the refereeing changes (much like when the NFL decided to use replays as a final resource to solve disputes), but that does not interest us as much as the analyzing possibilities both during and post games. Imagine how many visualizations could be done using the field as a map, how many widgets online we could have to measure and point the grip on the catch. We could compare grip versus strength in the pass to figure out who's to blame for the incomplete pass. We could have a graphic of how much tired the receivers, runners, QB's were by measuring the sprints, throws and catches...
Well, the possibilities are infinite and creativity will definitely change the way we see the game.
Let's hope for the best!

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PS: Oh, yeah... And watch out for referees being out of jobs and super athletes on the way... JK!

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