Monday, December 1, 2008

On visualization...

Many visualizations have been made trying to make the product buying over the internet process, some trying to emulate physical book stores, others trying to incorporate visualization concepts in order to make it fun for users to find out information on the products, and some others... well some others have not made their point all that clear!
This week, I found out about Vizzl, a flex based tool for product searching on Amazon, eBay or even Youtube. This one falls into the second group: use of visualization concepts to enrich search processes. It's got animation and information well distributed and it keeps the UI simple. It's even got an introduction video to explain how it works, although not much explanation is needed.
There are some bugs and glitches, which I'm sure won't be there for long, and the idea is fairly simple and not that innovative. The most interesting part is the usage of Adobe Flex. In an era like this one, where we have so many options ranging from .Net & Silverlight, Java, Flex and so on, Flex does keep the application simple and light enough to make the user experience fast, somewhat robust and fresh.
The application is indeed fast and way more fun than searching Amazon itself, for instance, so check it out at Vizzl


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