Thursday, January 22, 2009

Addition to yesterday post

Yesterday, CNN posted a series of photos from the inauguration moment using Microsoft's Photosynth, "born of a collaboration between Microsoft and the University of Washington, based on the groundbreaking research of Noah Snavely (UW), Steve Seitz (UW),and Richard Szeliski (Microsoft Research)"1. The idea is that you can use a good number of 2D photographs to create a 3D environment of the moment. CNN posted 761 photographs in 3 separate groups allowing the user to navigate through various positions and points of view of the president taking his oath.
This way, you can see the moment from the first row or even right behind the president. You can navigate easily and intuitively through the photographs and have a close feeling of what that moment was like or, if you prefer, watch a slide show.
Definitely, a great display of the tools power and versatility.
Check out this other examples of what could be done with Photosynth.


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