Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ruben's Tube - Visualization is on fire!

In the era of, and even metacafetube, here is one you never thought could get there... A classic physics experience, Ruben's tube consists of a mix of simple materials, all of which you can find at home (though I don't think you should attempt any of this, specially if you're not a certified fireman). Take a PVC pipe, cover it in foil so that it doesn't melt from the fire, drill as many holes as you can (as long as they're at least .5 cm apart) on top of it. Seal both ends and attach one of them to a speaker and the other to any flammable gas you might have access to. There it is, now you can visualize Beethoven's 9th! Take a look at both videos. In the 1st one you can really see some experimenting with different sounds and even Jazz and Rock! The second one, definitely mithbustery, is more informative and though they don't really experiment with any unsteady waves, the explanations of the phenomena are very rich, simple and direct.

Keep children away from this!

For more, be sure to check out Infernoptix, these guys really take the tube to a whole new level!

Seen on Infosthetics


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