Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ford turns to visualization for new dashboard

In these crisis times currently scaring the market and with all the automakers craving the bailout for survival, Ford turns to visualization to boost sales with their new heavy info dashboard.
The new dashboards are projected to fit perfectly with greener cars. The goal is to change the way people drive. Using a "leafy" theme, the driver can visualize the impact their driving is making on the environment. For instance, when the driver aggressively accelerates or breaks, the vine withers and leaves disappear. Don't worry, as the driver gets back to driving economically, the withers and leaves grow back. The new dashboard should be standard in all Fusion Hybrids (starting at $27k).
The company hopes to make a strong statement with green-driven consumers, creating a state of loyalty with those concerned with the environment. Although Ford has been making strong attempts to tackle this market, they're still to post the sells on hybrid vehicles that can compete with the green-market emperor Toyota (over 1 million Priuses sold).
The dashboard was developed in collaboration with Smart Design, also responsible for the new Johnson & Johnson operating gowns and "reach wondergrip", MS Windows Packaging, HPs photoprinters, DashExpress GPS and Starbucks Hear Music Media Bar.

Seen on Flowing Data. Tracked back to Business Week.

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